Charlie Sheen Will Pay Crew of ‘Two and a Half Men’

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Charlie Sheen seems to really be getting how much his rehab and his partying ways are affecting others around him. In fact, he’s realized how much it’s hurting the staff at his popular show Two and a Half Men so much that he’s offered to pay them out of his own pocket.

ICharlieSheenMarch2009n a move that’s as surprising as it is generous, Charlie Sheen has decided that it’s not fair that the crew of his show not be paid and employed while he’s busy getting his life back together in rehab.

According to the report by Radar Online, Sheen has said that he will pay 1/3 of the crew’s lost wages if CBS and Warner Bros will agree to pay the remaining two thirds of their salary.

The move has, of course received mixed views from the public. There are those that find his offer very generous as this is a time that’s losing him money as well, and there are those that think his move is one made in poor taste.

While it is true that he didn’t have to pay them anything at all, it’s also true that if it wasn’t for him being so out of control in the first place they’d all still be working. Then there’s the little fact that no one asked CBS to pay the crew for the downtime. To assume that they would be is a bit unfair. Should they not pick up the remaining tab what happens then? Does Sheen still pay the third he said he would? Or do the crew still continue to get nothing while the show’s halted for him to get his life back in order? Would Sheen then pay the entire salary then? He who earns two million dollars an episode and throws money around like it’s nothing during his benders surely could afford to dig deeper and pay the salaries in full, but will he?

What at first seemed like a kind gesture now seems more like an offer that had good intentions but is set to fail. Hopefully somehow these crew members will be paid no matter who’s pocket it has to come out of. It’s a shame that they are out of work because his life is in shambles, there’s no doubt about that.

According to the report, Charlie is looking to return back to work by month’s end, which would have the show halted for a mere two weeks. This is all assuming that he is ready for going back to work and rehabbed.

What do you think of his offer? Is it going to happen? Was it generous or should he have offered to pay their salaries in full instead? Weigh in below.

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