Charlize Theron is the Villain in ‘Prometheus’

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Charlize Theron wants everyone to know that her character in Prometheus will not be like Sigourney Weaver’s in Alien — instead she’ll be playing the villain.

It’s easy to see why film fans would assume that Charlize’s character will be similar to Sigourney’s – she’s similarly tall and slim, and her character has a nude scene in the movie that could be reminiscent of Sigourney’s famous underwear scene in Alien. But instead she’s going to be playing a bad girl yet again.

Charlize has certainly embraced her dark side lately – she played an unlikeable antihero in the movie Young Adult, and it looks like her performance as the stunning and sinister Evil Queen in Snow White and The Huntsman will overshadow that of Kristen Stewart. So maybe it’s not all that surprising that she’s going to be playing the bad guy in Prometheus.

Here’s what she told Total Film about her role when asked about it being similar to Sigourney Weaver’s: “No, I actually don’t play the heroine in it; that’s Noomi Rapace. I play somewhat of a villain in it.”

It’s actually kind of great that Ridley Scott cast Noomi Rapace as the heroine – Rooney Mara is getting plenty of attention for her version of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake, but Noomi certainly deserves recognition here in America after taking on the challenging role first. Alien helped make Sigourney Weaver a star, so Prometheus might make Noomi an even bigger one.

Here’s what Charlize Theron had to say about her villainous character: “She’s not believer, she’s not a scientist, she is the red tape that everyone has to go through. She’s working with the company that’s sponsoring this whole thing and you can feel she definitely has an agenda, which we pick up in the third act. She’s more quiet thunder.” So it sounds like she could be an Ash-like character.

Charlize wouldn’t reveal if there will be a scene similar to the famous chest-bursting sequence in Alien, but she did say that Ridley Scott fans would be “very, very happy” with the movie. The trailer certainly is promising, teasing with these words: “They went looking for our beginning. What they found could be our end.” There are a lot of scenes featuring people on a planet (Alien was more confined to a ship), and it will certainly be interesting to see the extraterrestrials in the movie – Ridley Scott has promised that they won’t look like the “xenomorph” aliens that scared audiences in his previous movies.

Here’s what little is known about Prometheus‘ plot: it’s about a group of scientists who discover the civilization responsible for the beginning of the human race while looking for clues about the origins of mankind on a distant planet, and it will also explore the origin of the creature from the Alien movies. Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Ben Foster, Patrick Wilson, and Logan Marshall-Green will join Charlize in the fight to save the future of the human race on June 8, 2012.

Check out the trailer below.

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