‘Chasing UFOs’ ‘Abducted in Arizona’ Recap

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The Chasing UFOs team is off to Arizona where they’re going to talk with Travis Walton whose abduction by a UFO was so famous that a movie, Fire in the Sky, was made about his encounter.

But before they meet with Travis, Ben, James, and Ryder want to investigate a video made in March of 1997 by Terry Connett who recorded a massive craft that was at least one mile across. The craft was seen by thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona and was called “The Phoenix Lights.” The team needs to talk with Terry because there have been recent sightings of this same craft.

They meet Terry and listen to his story. It was a clear night back in 1997 and Terry and his wife were driving back from the Grand Canyon. They suddenly see some lights flying across the sky. Terry left the car to film them. The lights were in a V shape and Terry saw that it was one huge space craft. It was about a mile wide and no noise was coming from it. The craft flew directly over their heads. Thousands of others in Phoenix saw the same craft.

James commented that Terry’s story was compelling and wondered who was driving that aircraft. Ben, of course, doesn’t believe the story and said that the craft might have been planes in the middle of a military exercise.

The team decides to run a test that night to see if the lights might have been military soldiers jumping from a plane while holding flares. Now why would air men jump from a plane holding flares at night?

Ryder goes up in the plane with the Sky Hawks while Ben and James are left on the ground to see what the jumpers look like in the sky. The air men jump from the plane and Ben and James report that they see the flares but there’s no V formation and the plane is making noise. This isn’t anything like what Terry described.

The next day the team visits Jeff Willis who says he has videos of crafts that look just like the one Terry saw in 1997, but Jeff’s videos were taken in 2003, 2005, and 2006. Jeff claims that he recorded not just one but five of these flying objects and they were not flares or planes. Jeff said that a flare will stay lit for only four minutes and his videos last for at least seven minutes.

That night Jeff and the team go to where Jeff filmed his UFOs, Thunderbird Mountain, Arizona.

Ryder tells everyone that she sees a red light flying overhead. James sees it too and the two of them are very excited. Trusty Ben takes out his camera to see if he could get a good look at the light. Yes, there it is! A red light glowing in the sky. Ben zooms in on it and discovers that it’s a Chinese lantern. Well, that kind of thing is a flying object.

They finally get to Travis Walton to hear his abduction story. There were seven witnesses and Travis was gone for five days.

It was a sunny day and he and his fellow workers were driving home from their logging jobs. Suddenly they see a glimmer of light. They stop the truck and fall silent and see a UFO. Travis gets out of the truck. First rule when spotting a UFO; hightail it out of there. Second rule; if you do stop your truck do not get out of it. Travis broke both of these rules.

He got out of the truck while the others were telling him not to. Then an energy type of light comes out of the craft and hits him on the head knocking him out. Does light hurt when it hits you? Anyway, his friends, being true friends, remember rule number one and hightail it out of there leaving Travis to his own resources.

Travis wakes up and sees he’s in an area that’s white so he thinks he’s in a hospital but no doctor looked like the creatures who were surrounding him.

He passes out and awakes to find himself by the highway again. He vowed never to go back to that spot and he never has until now. Travis agrees to go back there with the team.

At the abduction sight the team gets some samples of trees to see if there were unusual growth spurts after the abduction. They look at he tree rings and discover that the trees did grow faster than usual since Travis was taken on to the UFO.

It wasn’t easy getting some of these samples. Ryder climbs a tree and gets stuck and thinks she’s going to fall. She cries out for help. Ben comes around, looks up, and asks what she wants him to do. No way was Ben climbing up there. He wanders around the tree, gives her some verbal support, and eventually Ryder gets herself down with arms and legs all intact. This must have been the comedy relief because it was pretty funny.

That night they go hunting for UFOs with some rescue workers, just in case they need rescuing. There have been recent UFO sightings and the team wants to see something too. All eyes are on the dark skies.

They think they hear something! What’s that? Then the rescue workers tell them to get back to base camp and get there fast. Why? Is something out there? What do the rescue workers see? An alien? A UFO? Was someone abducted?

When the team gets back to camp they’re told that there’s a bear wandering around and it’s dangerous so they have to leave. So much for a sighting or an abduction.

Next week Chasing UFOs is a repeat so UFO hunters will have to wait a little while to see if the team finds some real UFO evidence.

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