‘Chasing UFOs’ ‘Alien Baby Farm’ Recap

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The Chasing UFOs team is off to Mexico to investigate a video of a “mother” space craft that opened up and smaller crafts came flying out. They’ll also be looking at a dead creature that looks like an embryo of an alien.

In Mexico Ryder, Ben, and James look at the “Mothership Videos.” These are two videos taken by two strangers, Pedro and Alfredo, and shot at two different angles.

Each video shows a huge space craft releasing small crafts. It looks like a mothership giving birth to baby UFOs. There isn’t much detail in either video because, according to Ryder, they were shot by hand-held cameras.

James thinks this is proof of alien presence so the team speaks to both witnesses.

Pedro says he was looking out a window when he saw a white object in the sky. He grabbed his camera, went outside, and started filming it. He said it was huge, three times the size of an 18-wheeler!

Alfredo said he was filming an airplane and as he was following it with the camera he saw an oval object. Suddenly things started to come out of the spacecraft. He also tells them that when the nearby volcano starts acting up there are lots of UFO sightings. He’s sure that the active volcano is somehow related to alien crafts.

James, Ben, and Ryder know they have to get as close to that volcano as possible to see if there’s some kind of alien life around it.

But getting there won’t be easy. Cars can’t get up the mountain so they end up on donkeys. This gave the group a chance to kid around with each other. Ryder said, “Ben, quit playing with your ass.” Ass as in donkey. Get it?

Anyway, when the team finally got off their donkeys they had to walk. They gathered some soil to do a mineral analysis to see if the volcanic ash is different from the ash from other volcanos.

Night falls and the friends see the plume of smoke rising from the volcano. Ryder tells them that they have to be careful. While Ben and Ryder collect rocks James climbs up a little higher to take a closer look at the skies.

James is enthralled with the volcano. He comments that he’s so close to it and that it can explode at any moment. He also wonders why a UFO would go there. Good question.

He starts looking around because the area is “very spooky” and he suddenly hears something! Are those wild dogs? James doesn’t know but he starts running away. Wise decision. Then he hears gun shots. He contacts Ben and Ryder through the walkie-talkie, tells them what he’s heard, and suggests that they leave. Aliens are one thing but guns are too real.

The next day the team has a lead to another video. This was taken by the Mexican navy. The video shows 11 orbs surrounding a naval plane. The pilot tells them that he was terrified. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

Ben thinks that the orbs seen by the pilot were heat lights coming off oil rigs from the ocean but James says that the objects were picked up on radar. So the team investigates.

They go up in a plane to the exact coordinates where the pilot said his encounter happened. James and Ryder can barely see the ocean let alone the oil rigs. Ryder says that the oil rigs can’t be mistaken for a UFO. They can’t see the rigs until they’re a mile away from the ocean, closer than where the pilot saw the flying crafts. Ryder also says that the rigs don’t give off enough heat signals. Ben says that the cameras used by the Navy were better than the ones that the team has and the heat signals might have been picked up by them.

Next they speak with Jaime Maussen who has something interesting to show them. He brings out a small box and explains that what’s in it was caught in a rat trap. The three look in the small box and they scream, “Oh my God!”

The box contains something that kind of looks like a human fetus. But there are small fangs in the mouth, has a long head, and has a strange grayish color to it. Maussen says that DNA tests were run on it and it isn’t human or animal. He doesn’t think it’s from this Earth at all. Is this a baby alien?

The team then go to a tall Mayan pyramid where UFOs have been spotted.

It’s night and Ryder, not seeing an escalator nearby, climbs up to the top. As she tries to catch her breath she looks around with the flashlight and comments about all the images and drawings she sees. Suddenly she hears something! What else is new?

She contacts James, who had the good sense not to climb all those steps, and tells him that she’s hearing strange noises from a doorway. That’s her cue to skaddle, which she does.

James and Ryder explore the jungle. They see something! James says it looks like an eye following them. Ryder takes a look in the camera and sees it too. Then it looks like a moving light and it’s coming towards them! The two conclude that it’s time to run away again.

Back home in the US the team evaluates their evidence. They agree that the mothership giving birth to baby alien ships was a bundle of balloons unraveling. The ash sample from the volcano is the same that comes from other volcanos. The 11 UFOs that the pilot saw matched the same location as the oil rigs. And the alien fetus was a dead marmoset, which is a species of monkey.

So much for their trip to Mexico. Maybe next week the Chasing UFOs team will find some proof.

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