‘Chasing UFOs’ ‘Alien Castaways’ Recap

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The Chasing UFOs team leaves the United States this week and travels to Brazil in South America where they will investigate a jungle area where aliens crash landed and are now living.

Back in January of 1996 residents of Varginha saw a space craft crash in the jungle. During the following days people spotted alien beings roaming around the forest. Witnesses say that these aliens are small, have big red eyes, black feet, and seem to be hairy.

This is called “The Varginha Incident” and James, Ben, and Ryder know that they have to go there and find an alien for themselves. Since the incident occurred less than 20 years ago, the team feels certain that they can prove the existence of alien life living with us. James calls Varginha “the Roswell of Brazil.”

A.J. is the first witness the team interviews. A.J. tells them that a UFO crashed in the jungle in January of 1996 and shortly afterwards strange creatures started to appear. They were small, maybe 30 inches tall, and they looked like monkeys. Does this tell you something of what these creatures might be?

Five days later, one of these creatures was captured. It was small with a big head, and huge red eyes. A second one was caught by a 23-year-old police officer. Twenty days later the 23-year-old died! Doctors said that his immune system shut down completely. Police deny all of this, even that living aliens are walking among them. Even though over 200 people saw the crash, the police and the army still denies it.

James is very excited about this story but Ben is having a tough time swallowing it.

The team decides that the only way to find their own alien is to spend a night in the jungle so they go to town for supplies. Residents from the town tell the team that they never saw an alien even though they have heard the story of the space craft crashing.

Night arrives and the team are in the jungle. The moon is full and bright and they’ve found a good clearing to set up camp. James leaves Ben and Ryder to find fire wood. Ben and Ryder suddenly hears something! Ben says that there are too many living things in the jungle.

As James is looking for wood he hears something too! It sounds like something walking through the jungle.

Ryder sees something moving too. A spider, but it understandably scares her. But she’s sure that something else is wandering around near the camp.

Meanwhile, still collecting wood, James still hears footsteps, then he screams! Ben grabs the walkie-talkie and asks James what’s going on. “James? James?” No answer. Finally James answers that he fell. Ben tells him to be careful and to come back to camp.

The threesome jokes around a little and then go into the tent to get some sleep. “Goodnight, Ryder”, “Goodnight, Ben”, “Goodnight, James”, “Goodnight Ben”, “Goodnight, James.” This goes on nine different times. Shades of “The Waltons.”

The next day, after a good night, the team decide to interview a general in the Brazilian Army. The general definitely thinks that there is alien life in the jungle. Well, that certainly added a lot to the investigation.

Ryan thinks that the aliens living in the jungle are probably hiding out in a cave. After a raft ride, the team hikes three miles to a cave that’s closest to the alleged crash site.

Into the cave they march lighting tree limbs so they can see in the dark. They climb down some rocks and wade through water looking for any kind of trace evidence to prove that the aliens are living there.

The air starts to get bad but the team is keeping their eyes open for possible drawings or sketching from the non human beings. Ryder suddenly shouts, “Oh My God!” She’s spotted something—more spiders.

The air is getting worse and James starts to cough, “cough, cough.” They decide they better find their way out of the cave. Finally the team is out in the fresh air looking at a little brook.

They walk around and cross a small wooden bridge. At last Ben says what viewers have been thinking, “This is a wild goose chase.” But James wants to interview more people.

Back to town, the team speaks with three women who saw the crash and had a run-in with an alien. They told the camera’s how meeting the alien has changed their lives; no one believes them and it affected their jobs.

James goes off and starts to cry telling Ryder that he chases UFOs so that witnesses like these women have a voice. James really believes that something is out there and he wants to prove it. At this point, Ryder starts crying, too. Both promise to get the message out.

Back to the jungle at an area where Ben thinks the crash occurred, the team finds nothing more than giant spiders that sends them running to the hills but not before an owl frightens Ryder.

Back in the US, the Chasing UFOs team take a look at the evidence they’ve found. There is no evidence. They aren’t even sure if a space craft even crashed. No one told them exactly where it happened. The witnesses just pointed out some vague area in the jungle. Ryder says that something is missing but James is convinced that monkey-like aliens that also kind of look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings are living in caves in the Brazilian jungle.

Maybe one day James will be able to prove it.

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