‘Chasing UFOs’ ‘Alien Cowboys’ Recap

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This week the Chasing UFOs team travel to Colorado where they investigate reports of animal mutilation and human abduction by aliens.

Ben, Ryder, and James are off to Salida, Colorado to check out a video that resident, Tim Edwards, filmed some years ago. Shot during the day, Tim’s video shows a floating cigar-shaped object traveling in the sky. Tim wasn’t alone when he saw the flying saucer, his six-year-old daughter, Brandy was with him as were his parents.

The problem is that Tim has died and Brandy is now in her late teens so the team has to rely on what Brandy and her grandparents remember.

Fans see the video and yep, there’s the cigar-shaped flying saucer. We can hear Tim’s voice saying that the saucer is traveling five miles ever two seconds. No one is sure how Tim knows this but it sounds good. This sighting is considered a mass sighting because the same saucer has been seen in four other states.

Brandy says she remembers watching the flying saucer grow longer and then get shorter as it flew around. Her grandparents remember the same thing.

The team leaves the Edwards’ home and visits a town where other residents eagerly tell them about all the UFO experiences they’ve had throughout the years. Apparently, Salida is some kind of vacation spot for aliens.

But there have been recent UFO sightings and the UFO team plans to visit the site even though they have to use sled, snow dogs, and snow shoes to get there.

The three get to the site that night and make base camp on the mountains. Ben goes off one way and James and Ryder head out in a different direction with a thermal camera so they’ll be able to take pictures in the dark.

The group talk with each other in whispers through walkie talkies. Why are they whispering? Suddenly Ryder asks, “What the hell was that?” Viewers didn’t see anything and they’ll have to wait until after the commercial to find out what Ryder saw.

After the break, Ryder whispers to Ben that she saw a big flash of light but it’s now gone. “I know I saw something but the moon was too bright.”

Not finding any ET’s that night the next day the Chasing UFOs team goes to a place where animal mutilations have happened. Ben speaks to one rancher who found one of his cows mutilated four months earlier. The cow’s eyes were removed along with his tongue. Maybe this was a mob hit because the cow knew too much.

The rancher says that when he found the cow there was no blood around and no footsteps. He thinks the cow was beamed up to an alien space ship, the aliens took out its tongue and eyes and then dropped it from the sky. As good a theory as any. The weird part is that the cows bones are still laying where the aliens dropped it.

Meanwhile, Ryder and James are meeting cow mutilation expert, Chuck Zukowski. Chuck tells them about one cow that was tossed off of the alien ship. It was cut in half. One half of it landed on one side of a river and the other half landed on the opposite side of the river. Once again, no blood or footsteps.

Chuck agrees to help Ben, Ryder, and James with their investigation.

That night the four go out looking for alien life in the “Alien Field.” Lots of sightings have been seen in this place. Suddenly, James sees something. “Four pairs of eyes,” he tells Ryder who is trying to get the thermal camera to work. For some reason she can’t get the camera to work properly. James tells her he needs the camera to see who or what those eyes are attached to. Finally, Ryder gets the camera working—whoops never mind—nothing there but four cows—none are mutilated.

But Ryder says that where there are live cows there might be mutilated cows too so the team starts looking for dead cows. “What’s that?” The team sees something, then they hear something. Paw prints! Do aliens have paws? Probably not but mountain lions do and they also make growling noises that the team has heard. Ryder says that it’s too dangerous to go on because mountain lions are scary and suggests they should call it a night.

The next day the team visits Stan Romanek who says he’s been abducted by aliens multiple times. He even has a video of an alien peeping through his window. Yep, there’s the window and there’s the alien standing on his tippy toes trying to look into the house.

Stan explains that it all started on July 17, 2003 when he heard something at his door. He opened it saw three aliens, two males and one female. Suddenly he woke up in his bed with a pain in his back. He felt around and found some holes there and all the hair on his wrists were gone! Stan said this really freaked him out. The aliens have visited him ever since.

Ben thinks that this might have been staged so the team goes out that night to investigate.

They walk around the house to see if they can find aliens staring into the windows. Suddenly, James sees something. It’s an alien looking into a window!

He whispers that he’s 1,000% positive that he saw an alien. Is that laughing we hear? Yes it is. Ben put a mask of an alien by the window to see if James could tell a real alien from a mask. Everyone has a good laugh over this.

Chasing UFOs ends with Ben saying that he isn’t sure if aliens visited Stan or mutilated the cows. Ryder, however, is sure that all the videos prove that aliens have visited Colorado.

Maybe next week the team will find proof of alien life.

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