‘Chasing UFOs': ‘UFO Landing Zone?’ Recap

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In their never-ending quest to prove that UFOs have visited our planet, the Chasing UFOs team—James, Ben, and Ryder—travel to the place where there appears to be more alien sightings than anywhere else—Roswell, New Mexico.

First stop is Alamogordo, New Mexico where they visit Ted Loman. Years ago Ted received a video in the mail that shows an actual UFO crashing near an Army Base. This video was taken during the day and viewers can clearly see the crash.

The video starts by showing a white elliptical object flying in the blue sky. Suddenly the object falls to the ground, skips along it like a stone on water, bounces off the ground and somehow flies back up into the sky where it explodes into hundreds of pieces!

Some people feel that this is official footage and James finds the video very compelling. Ben, on the other hand, isn’t as sure. He feels that the object might have been a missile or a rocket. James and Ryder argue with Ben saying that they never heard of a missile or a rocket bouncing off the ground. The only thing they can do is to talk with Ted Loman, the man who received the video.

Ted tells the team that the tape arrived in his mail box and he has no idea where it came from. Maybe an alien slipped it in his box. Anyway, Ted said that the camera taping the crash is held at a 30-degree angle and stayed in that position following the flying object. He firmly believes that aliens have been on Earth and are still around and this video is proof. Ben still isn’t convinced that the object wasn’t a missile or a rocket.

The team next visits Wayne Mattson who was a Lieutenant Colonel at White Sands Air Force Base near Roswell. They show him the video and Wayne also says that it is a real UFO and not a missile. Mattson says he not only knows that there have been UFO crashes but he has seen a UFO.

As a young man in the Air Force, he was returning from a mission in South East Asia and as he was flying he saw two moon-like objects side by side. One of them took off and the other was gone. Mattson says that UFOs are real but Ben still isn’t convinced that the video captured a UFO crashing.

But maybe this next story told by Dee Gragg will change Ben’s mind.

Dee was an analyst at White Sands Air Force Base and said that in February of 1955 President Eisenhower visited the base because there were two flying saucers there. Eisenhower got off Air Force One and he was escorted into one of the UFO’s! Ben has a tough time swallowing this story. Eisenhower went into a UFO? Were his security guards sure that it was the real Eisenhower who came out and he wasn’t taken over by some alien? This is definitely a tough tale to believe.

Doing what they like to do best, the Chasing UFOs team goes out at night with their night goggles to search for aliens. Ben and James go off to another vantage point and Ryder stays where she is. Suddenly she sees a flash of orange light. “What’s that?” she asks the cameras. Then she radios Ben and James and tells them she’s off to investigate the light. Ben and James try to get Ryder back on the radio but there’s no answer. Has she been abducted? No, she fell down looking for the light and almost fell off the hill she was on. Ryder also lost the orange light. She also had to pick thorns out of her hands. It was painful because Ryder said “ouch” a lot.

The next morning they’re off to visit Clifford Stone at the Roswell AFB. Stone used to recover UFOs that crashed near the Base. He has been involved in 12 incidents of crafts that have crashed.

He tells the group that the first time he was sent on one of these recovery missions he was told that the craft was a downed Soviet plane. But the dead person lying near the craft was not from the Soviet Union or even of this world. It was an alien!

Stone took the group to a 1947 crash site where they take out their metal detectors looking for alien debris. They found something! It’s buried in the dirt. Carefully it’s pulled out of the ground. The object looks like rusted metal. James thinks it could be from a space craft because they’re on the top of a hill and nothing rolls up a hill. Yeah, that makes sence, kind of. It turns out that it’s a piece of rusted tin.

The team keeps looking through the night when they find something else. What is it? Some alien metal? Not quite, it’s a button from an Air Force Base jacket. Somehow the team thinks this proves that a craft did crash there because they think the button came from a person crawling on the ground removing pieces of a crashed UFO. One button certainly told them a lot. Imagination played a big part in that theory too.

Chasing UFOs ends with Ben finally believing that UFOs have crashed and landed in New Mexico and all three of them are sure that the military is covering it all up.

Next week the search continues for UFOs.

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