Chaz Bono Dumps Fiancee

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Dancing With The Stars‘ Chaz Bono has kicked his fiancée to the curb after informing her that he can do better than her. And now, Cher’s rotund son, nee Chastity, is reportedly already searching for someone new. What a guy. Although he popped the question to girlfriend Jennifer Elia two years ago, and presented her with a ring on his reality TV show Being Chaz, the couple’s relationship is on the rocks.

“Chaz is already on the lookout for someone new,” reports an inside source, “and made it clear to Jen. He told her, ‘I’ve tried, but you just aren’t right for me. I’ve got to move on.’ Chaz is totally over the relationship.”

According to the source, Chaz wanted a woman with whom he could enjoy his newfound success, but Jennifer wasn’t that woman–mostly because of her drinking which was growing increasingly out of control. Also, the fact that Jennifer remained unemployed while Chaz became a “media darling” due to hs appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

“Jen constantly gripes about not being able to find a job and her lack of money,” tattles the source. “She nags at Chaz about his weight and for the last few months, her insomnia has been so bad that they don’t even sleep together.”

All that combined with Jen’s recent fall from the wagon were just too much for Chaz–so he gave her the boot. Poor Jen.

Oh well, now that Chaz is eager to start dating again, he should be doubly glad he’s now a man. A seriously overweight guy has a much easier time dealing with the dating game than a similarly porcine woman. For some reason.

Just saying.

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