Chaz Bono’s Secret Cancer Tragedy

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Chaz Bono had intended to dedicate his Dancing With The Stars performance to the great love of his life, the late Joan Stephens, who passed away from cancer. However, after the barrage of hate mail that followed the announcement of his appearance on the show, the endeavor has just become depressing for him.

Chaz, the transgendered son of Cher and the late Sonny Bono, shared a serious long-term relationship with Joan Stephens while he was still a woman. Joan was 23 years older than the then-Chastity Bono. She was a good friend of Cher’s, and she used to babysit both Chastity and her half-brother, Elijah Blue. Years later, a relationship developed between Joan and the adult Chastity. They lived together, and when Joan became ill with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Chastity became her caretaker and remained so up to the end. Joan died in 1994. She was 47.

“All the pain and grief of losing Joan came spilling out again after the Dancing With The Stars bombshell exploded,” revealed an insider close to Chaz Bono. “He intended his appearance to be a glowing tribute to her and everything she stood for – being yourself and embracing your own sexuality. But now it’s been gutted by hate and prejudice, and Chaz is shattered.

Poor Chaz. What a pity that some small-minded people had to ruin what would have been a unique tribute to a loved one with their hate. Truly sad.

Hopefully, Chaz Bono will be able to reconnect with his positive feelings about the significance of his tenure on Dancing With The Stars as the competition progresses.

You go, Chaz. Good luck.

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