Cheated by the Dessert Company

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On my mom's way here to America, she stopped over the Japanese Narita Airport, and bought a box of desserts.  The boxes were pre-wrapped and she couldn't see inside, but there were display boxes that supposedly showed which pieces were in the boxes. She made her selection based on the display boxes.

My mom described what she thought was in the box based on the display. I was rather excited because those were the type of oriental desserts I have been craving.  When we opened the box, I was so so so so so disappointed. The entire box was a totally different type of cookies that I didn't care for. 

My mom said the content of the box was totally different from the display box.  So, the store employee must have made a mistake and put this pre-wrapped box under the wrong display pile. Unfortunately, there's no way we could go back to Narita Airport and get an exchange.  I hate it when this happens.

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