Cheater Calls the Cops on His Date

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A cheater in Colorado proved he wasn’t that bright when he turned in his date for “burglary” after his real girlfriend showed up earlier than expected. It takes all types to make the world go round, and where would we be without the entertainment of morons like these?

Twenty-four-year-old Kevin Gaylor is facing charges of misdemeanor false reporting, which in and of itself isn’t that interesting considering the other crime stories online today. However, it’s his reason for calling the police and filing a false report that makes Kevin Gaylor a stupid cheater worthy of an “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt for anyone who associates with him.

You see, Kevin wanted some strange so after his live-in girlfriend left for the day he decided to hop on Craigslist for some NSA action. He met a girl, who was located pretty close to three hours away from his residence, but managed to get her to come out and see him anyway.

Surprise! His girlfriend came home earlier than he expected. In fact, she showed up before his skeezy Craigslist date. Surprise, no doubt, he tried to play it off cool. He probably thought the date wouldn’t show up anyway after it was all said and done, but he was wrong. She showed up and began snooping around at the front door like any pesky person would do if you invite them over. To avoid admitting to his girlfriend that he’d invited someone over to engage in some side coitus, he called the police on the woman and claimed she was a burglar.

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