Cheating Casanova

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An evening never been so consequential
My hallucination before this eventide were no less than dwelling in paradise

The happiness , unbound of shaping a dream into a reality
He and me ; the two throbbing hearts and soul in unison with pride;
The pride of intrepid love
My ardent yearning to bestow an accredit him a place in my life and to be his only passion
made me dream of him day and night
A believe within me so strong of his acceptance with open arms
All agog, in zeal I decided an evening for the commitment of my love
Lost in the air of love my heart tuning a verse being played on my lips endlessly -

”There are dreams and desires
How magically it feels when someone’s presence set your heart on fire
The two love strings gonna wired together
No riot would be able to break it or shatter”
But soon those sweet verses were transformed into hard toxic as ofsnake‘s bite
I was all standing numb on watching his another face; the darker and truer one
He was speaking to someone on phone,
Aah! I feel sorry for that fool , unsuspecting lady who got into mylove trap so easily. (He laughed like a devil)
Love is nothing but a gamble I am playing with her. She is mad behind me and I would take away her everything ….everything!!!”
His each word pinched my heart like sharp arrows
Crushed my feelings andtorn out
Back to reality , away from deception I realized how terribly I am being exploited
By the same fellow I excepting to be my soul mate, my life’s worthy !!
Entitling my believe as madness , treated my true love considering it a gamble
Regretting the moments I spent and the times I thought of such a crappy mindset intentional man
Who don’t know the worth of women in life and do not respect either
The feeling of loosing love was of disguise
But more than that rising aggression of being cheated heading to its peek at the same moment
Gathering a bundle of courage
I walked briskly with a confident smile on my grimace
Glared at him aggressively and punched a tight slap on his face
‘I feel sorry for you , the fool and unsuspecting man that you don’t know What’s true love… you never relish the most beautiful feeling ; the feeling when love happens. You are no more the part and parcel in my life but the worst past that would remain unforgettable”
And I left giving him a title that would remain twitching him till his last breath ”Cheating Casanova”

P.S.- Through this post I want to convey to those who have been cheated in the name of love. One usually dwell in depression , commit  wrong things, a fear within takes place, feeling of disbelief, lack of confidence and that’s how a lot of time passes with no conclusion except the pain and humiliation within .There are many cheating Casanova around who would mislead or use you in the name of love , be-fooling you ; you must be suspecting.If such happened or happens then do not punish yourself but be more confident and punish to one who dared to exploit you.Punishing is important to make the cheater ( Cheating Casanova ) realize the mistake so that he/she may dare not to exploit and cheat others.

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