Chechnya Couples Must Prove HIV Negative to Wed – Rule Sparks Outrage

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Couples in Chechnya must prove they are HIV negative in order to wed. Any couple who wants to get married in the Muslim Republic of Russia must prove that they do not have the sexually transmitted disease. This new rule has sparked outrage because many believe it violates Russian law.

This controversial move could be part of Chechnya trying to once more make a bid for independence from Russia. A statement was issued that said, “Any potential bride or groom is obliged to receive a medical certificate proving they are HIV-negative.”

There is apparently an HIV/AIDS epidemic in the region due to heroin use. There are as many as 1 million people who have the disease in Russia although the problem is not wide spread in Chechnya.

Human rights groups feel that this is a clear violation of Russian law in addition to human rights. It is unfortunate that an entire group of people is being discriminated against in this manner. Just because one or two people in a couple have HIV does not mean that they shouldnÂ’t be able to get married if they have both consented to do so. This entire new rule about proving HIV negative before getting married in Chechnya does not make much sense.

Chechnya Couples must Prove HIV Negative to Wed - Rule Sparks Outrage

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