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You can get a sneak peek at Demi Lovato’s latest photo shoot, and see how gorgeous the Skyscraper singer looks in the stunning shots. These past few months have seen great strides for Lovato–including the release of a new album called Unbroken.

According to Hollywood Life, the newly released photos are from her Unbroken photo shoot, and they clearly show Demi on a very healthy path toward recovery.

After spending significant time in a rehab facility for issues like eating disorders, self-mutilation by cutting, and bipolar disorder–in addition to problems with drugs and alcohol, it’s refreshing to see Demi Lovato emerge looking so healthy and relaxed. It’s as though she’s learned to love herself and accept imperfections in a whole new way.

No imperfections are apparent, however, in the glamorous shots in Demi Lovato’s photo shoot. You can see some of them here–and you’ll no doubt agree that Demi is positively glowing.

Demi Lovato SupportersIt surely does Demi’s close friends and family’s hearts good to see these gorgeous photos, in light of the fact that just months ago the 19-year-old was practically starving herself to feel like she fit into the Hollywood scene. Now Demi Lovato is setting a whole new example for other young women–one that says healthy is sexy, and beauty needn’t be the least bit superficial.

What did you think of Demi Lovato’s photos? She is clearly on an uphill path in both her career and her personal life–and that warms the hearts of everyone who knows of her struggles.

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