Cheers! Ray Bradbury’s DANDELION WINE

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A couple yrs. ago I finally read Ray Bradbury’s FAHRENHEIT 451 & THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES.  In h.s. & college I wasn’t required to read them.  In library one day I couldn’t find anything that interested me.  I hadn’t read FAHRENHEIT 451 so brought it home. 

Wow!  Bradbury is unique.  He is unlike anybody else.  He presents material in fresh ways.

After reading it & MARTIAN CHRONICLES I wanted to read DANDELION WINE.  Library doesn’t own the book so I requested it via Inter-Library Loan.

Now it’s winter in Vermont.  While snow falls & plow trucks deposit it in my driveway I’m reading DANDELION WINE.  

The maligned dandelion is easily identified by everybody.  The ubiquitous flower/weed is a sparkling wine in Bradbury’s novel about 12 y.o. Douglas Spaulding in 1928 Green Town, Illinois.  Bradbury wrote about Green Town before Earth Day was introduced. 

Bradbury’s writing is poetic & his characters interesting.  Some of them in DANDELION WINE are Mrs. Bentley, Helen Loomis, Elmira Brown, Bill Forrester, & Col. Freeleigh. 

Summers now I harvest a few dandelion leaves as well as lettuce & spinach for salads.  They are the essence of summer. 

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