Chef Fabio Serves a Fresh Look on Pasta at OC Fair

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Famous Chef Fabio Viviani, known from the show “Top Chef”, served up a fresh dish of pasta and a lesson to go along with it. The main ingredients: eggs, all-purpose flour, olive oil and salt. The result: an unfiltered lesson in the joys of making pasta.

And, boy does Chef Fabio love making pasta. The secret, he says, is to wait for the mixer to clump the wet pasta ingredients into a hoola-hoop. He made sure to move his hips and mimic the motion of hoola-hooping, to demonstrate.

To express his passion for making homemade pasta from scratch, he joked, “It’s like a visa commercial. You would say… cost of fair: $2 million; cost of eggs and flour: $5; cost of pasta maker: $37; satisfaction from making pasta: priceless.”

He scoffed at the label “celebrity” when he was announced on stage. He said “I am not a celebrity… I hate that word, ‘celebrity’.” He made up for it with his unadulterated approach to making pasta, perhaps one of the most substantial cooking demos around, exclusively at the OC Fair.

If you missed it, don’t worry, Chef Fabio will be at the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival, starting August 9, with another cooking demo. And when that gets sold out, go to his website to check his calendar.

A few takeaway points from the cooking demo, invest in a pasta maker to roll out the wet pasta before cutting and forming. To determine how many eggs to crack in the mix, count the number of people you are cooking for. For four eggs use approximately 10-14 dallops of flour (large tablespoons), and touch it off with extra virgin olive oil. He also suggested using all-purpose flour when beginning.

A note on olive oil, he mentioned, extra virgin olive oil is used for finishing; on the other hand, extra light olive oil is used for cooking. Although he would be expected to flaunt his Bertolli olive oil, given his sponsorship by them, he didn’t. Instead, he pummeled through an unfiltered lesson on homecooking, even tossing clumps of wet pasta to the audience.

Chef Fabio will be cooking up Italian homestyle cuisine at the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival (LAFW). Also, be sure to tune in to “Chow Ciao!” on Yahoo! with Chef Fabio and learn how to make fantastic dishes each week.

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