Chelsea Handler Dissed by GLAAD for Chaz Bono Remark

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Chelsea Handler has been dissed by GLAAD over a comment she made on her TV show about Chaz Bono and his upcoming stint on Dancing With the Stars. She threw out the comment during the intro to her show.

According to a report from PerezHilton, GLAAD has fired back, finding her comments to be both inappropriate and hurtful, in a time when people around the country are striving for more sensitivity and less bullying.

Here’s what Handler said that has GLAAD up in arms.

“The Dancing With the Stars cast has been announced, and this is season 13, it includes Chaz Bono, otherwise known as Chastity Bono (laughs) before she got her penis (laughs).”

Of course Chelsea Handler is a comedian and of course part of what she does is poke fun at people, situations and events–but in light of the recent suicides of gay teens and the huge nationwide campaign to stop bullying, this does seem rather insensitive.

Chelsea Handler has a reputation for crossing that proverbial line between funny and good taste and it looks like she’s really done it this time, too. Why can’t Chaz Bono’s appearance on DWTS simply be regarded as yet another human being competing on a dancing show? Why does his sexuality have to come into play?

More importantly, Chaz Bono appearing on Dancing With the Stars can serve to show other young people struggling with their sexuality that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel. No, they won’t all turn out to be competitors on Dancing With the Stars, but they can all live to achieve their dreams and they don’t need to suffer the ugliness of hate and ridicule while on the way there. But that can only happen when insensitive people stop poking fun.

Not funny this time, Chelsea Handler. Lots of people are siding with GLAAD on this one.

What do you think?

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