Chelsea Handler Lands Dramatic Movie Role

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Chelsea Handler is a very busy woman these days, whether she’s working on her E! show or promoting her new book. However, she’s about to get a little bit busier as her career takes a dramatic turn in the movie Mall.

It’s not like Chelsea hasn’t worked on movies in the past (in fact, she recently completed filming the upcoming comedy This Means War alongside BFF Reese Witherspoon), however her role in Mall might get a little more attention since she’ll be stepping out of her comedy comfort zone.

chelsea-handlerThe dark and dramatic Mall will be an ensemble movie that focuses on the intersecting lives of five characters living in the suburbs — a teenage stoner, a mall security guard, a meth addict, a voyeuristic businessman, and a bored and restless housewife (Chelsea Hander’s role). So as the idyllic façade of suburban life gets pulled back, it’s ugly, well-hidden underbelly gets exposed.

Mall sounds a lot like it’s trying to be a critical success like the similar movie Crash, another film featuring a storyline about intersecting lives. It went on to win the Oscar for best picture in 2006, so could Chelsea Handler really have landed in a movie that could end up being nominated for an Academy Award, or will the comedienne’s presence hurt its chances?

Well, funny guy Jamie Foxx transformed himself into Ray Charles and won an Oscar, so Chelsea Handler transforming herself into a desperate housewife really shouldn’t be that much of a stretch. She often has a deadpan, serious way of delivering jokes, so it’s not like she’s going to have to change her personality too much (especially if her unhappy housewife uses sarcasm to deal with her frustrating situation). And if her character’s restlessness has to do with sex, Chelsea is definitely the gal for the job — she certainly has no problem talking about it on her show.

So Chelsea Handler’s role in Mall could actually turn out to be quite refreshing. But if it’s not, she doesn’t have anything to worry about — Handler has no problem making fun of herself, so bad acting would just provide her with some fresh material for her stand-up routine.

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