Chelsea Handler Posts Pics of Vagina On Twitter

Chelsea Handler takes tweeting to a higher level and when this cat scratches, she means it. Apparently the comedienne isn’t too fond of respecting one’s privacy, and when she pantsed Heather McDonald at a party recently, snapshots were taken.

To make matters worse, someone with the Chelsea Daily show on E! posted the pantsed image of McDonald’s bare vagina on Twitter today, using Chelsea’s account. What was meant to be a comedic outing of party antics became a nightmare for Heather.

“You guys, that has to come down right now. That is from when Chelsea pantsed me at the party. I didn’t even know someone took a picture of that.This is so not funny. I’m a mother! This is a total violation of my privacy,” Heather exclaimed about this hilarious “leak”.

When she confronted Chelsea Handler about the Twitter incident, the Juliana Rancic chimed in:

“At first I was mortified over it. But then I saw the picture and the vag is so cute,” she cheered.

Watch the segment of Chelsea Daily to see the leak confrontation take place.

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