Chelsea Handler Sex tape, tour, and book (Video)

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Chelsea Handler, the comedian, made a sex tape for a joke as, according to Chelsea Handler, was a gift for her staff for Christmas. Nobody ever gave me a sex tape for Christmas of Chelsea or anyone else. Then, Radar Online got hold of it, big surprise, and it went viral on the Internet.

Poor Chelsea had to go on the Tonight Show to defend herself. She says RadarOnline ruined her surprise. What indignation. What a jerk. In this day and age of Twitter, You Tube, and blogs, did she think or want this to get out, Then, when it does it she plays the victim? Please.

A sex tape by any other name is a sex tape. Do you find Chelsea Handler funny? Me, either, but do you find yourself enjoying Chelsea Handler’s sex tape? Ah! Now that’s funny.

Freaky Gossip says,“’I would like to say to RadarOnline, thanks for ruining my surprise Christmas gift to my staff”, Handler joked. “Number two it was made as a joke; I put it on an audition tape for a comedy club because I’m a comedienne.'”

I love the defense of video with the quote marks for fingers.  She goes on tour May 15- 16 at Radio City Music Hall, and she wanted publicity and what better way to get it. 

Sorry Chelsea, no sale here. 

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