Chelsea Handler Wants You to Sleep with Coworkers

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Piers Morgan likes to discuss people’s love relationships, and his meeting with Chelsea Handler was no different. On his CNN show, which airs Tuesday, he asked her if she’d ever been in love.

Her response was “twice.” The comedienne had a freshly scrubbed face with minimal makeup and spoke a bit more seriously than one would expect for a comedienne. But when the topic of her ex—NBC Chairman Ted Harbert, who is also her former boss—came up, she was quite candid.

She said the fact that she dated him had nothing to do with him being her boss. “I don’t think it really matters if you’re in love with somebody, and I was. It had nothing to do with him being my boss—it’s just how we came together.”

She also claimed that the advice of not sleeping with your co-workers was outdated and encouraged “sleeping around with people you work with. It makes things fun!” It might make things fun, Chelsea, but it also complicates your work environment and can create resentment if a breakup happens.

While Chelsea might think it’s pretty fun to sleep around with her co-workers, she obviously doesn’t live in the real world, where such actions can cause some people to lose their jobs.

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Chelsea Handler – Photo by Luke Ford

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