Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind Open Up About Relationship Status

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As most Teen Mom fans already know, Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind are not currently together (despite rumors that they may have hooked up in New York City). Whether or not those rumors are true is unknown, but what is known is that the new season of Teen Mom 2will show a lot of drama between the two!

There are rumors that Adam proposes to Chelsea, some that he borrowed a lot of money (and has yet to pay it back), and others that Chelsea’s dad was not happy about any of this. Even though fans will have to wait and see exactly how things play out, a new sneak peek of Chelsea and Adam’s drama was released by the Official Teen Mom 2 Facebook page.

The clip shows Adam and Chelsea hanging out, but only as “friends.” They get some takeout food and eat dinner with Aubree back at Chelsea’s place. Things seem to be going well, but Chelsea is wondering where exactly the two are at in their relationship. Adam says that they are “hanging out,” but says that he and Chelsea aren’t seeing other people.

It seems that, in the clip, Adam Lind is stringing Chelsea Houska along again. When will this girl learn that she deserves someone who won’t keep her guessing about where they are in their relationship? The new season of Teen Mom 2 is sure to be dramatic and premieres November 12.

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