Chelsea Houska Dishes on Her Future with Adam Lind

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Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind’s relationship has long been toxic, and yet the two tried and tried to make it work. Now, the two have officially parted ways, and Chelsea sees why she never ever wants to get back with the father of her three-year-old daughter, and a few other details about the upcoming third season of Teen Mom 2.

As for what she is certainly not looking forward to seeing on the new season, Chelsea reveals, “Pretty much every time I know me and Adam get back together. I don’t want to watch that because I know I’m about to get a whole bunch of crap. I just hate watching that.” After seeing Chelsea go back to Adam so many times despite him treating her badly, fans have retaliated on social media, hoping to knock some sense into her.

While Chelsea and Adam seemed to be on the outs pretty much all the time, Chelsea insists that was not the case. “It isn’t all bad. There are good times,” Chelsea explains. “I think my problem is letting go of how it was when we first started dating and that feeling of being like so in love with someone. I think once that feeling faded away, it was like, I knew we had that before. And you just want that back so bad.” Chelsea is just the typical girl. She wants to find love and knows that she once had it with Adam, so no one can blame her for trying to make it work.

Now that Chelsea knows better, she’s keeping her distance, but she hasn’t found anyone to take his spot—at least not yet—and according to her, she’s not even looking. “Dating is not really one of my priorities right now,” she says. “I just want to focus on myself and Aubrey before I try to bring another relationship into the mix.” Sounds like a plan!

For more of Chelsea Houska, tune in to Teen Mom 2 season 3 tonight at 10/9c on MTV.

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