Chelsea Houska’s Dad Vents About Adam on Twitter

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Chelsea Houska has had a lot of trouble with her baby daddy, Adam Lind. He’s been in and out of her and Aubree’s life since she was born and three years later, not much has changed. In fact, Adam has gotten worse. He even got a DUI recently but still has the nerve to complain about her as a parent.

According to Chelsea’s dad Randy, he talked down to Chelsea for celebrating a milestone birthday in Las Vegas. “Idiot whose name won’t be mentioned calls my daughter names cuz she went out on her 21st birthday? #stillnoclass,” Randy tweeted yesterday.

When someone noted that Adam, who was never actually named, will never have class, funny man Randy added, “He has to attend DUI class haha.”

Randy has always been there for his daughter and Chelsea is lucky to have such a funny, loving father in her life. Randy’s strong character is sure to have Chelsea setting her standards high when it comes to the man she settles down with. Unfortunately, Adam hasn’t been that guy for her.

While Adam is busy in DUI class, Chelsea is busy being a great mommy and shame on him for talking down to her about celebrating her 21st — she deserves it!

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