Cheney Rebukes Obama

Does Cheney have the right to rebuke a standing President?  Maybe the question should be, should the standing President slam the previous administration?

Why does Obama not release the evidence found through the Bush Administration’s tactics?

I want to know.  Cheney asked Obama to release the information which would prove that thousands more Americans would be dead now if the Bush / Cheney Administration had not used the tactics to gain the information.  Just yesterday another not so straight forward use of gaining information by the FBI thwarted another terrorist attack aimed at two Bronx Temples, and an Air Force Base in Newburgh, NY.

Now, the FBI must defend itself from entrapment charges.  Do the ends justify the means?

I say, “Please, stop tying the hands of law enforcement.

Mr. Obama, if you are so right, let the information gained about these terror attacks be released, or are you afraid that your attacks on the Bush Administration would reveal Bush was right for what he did to keep us safe for seven plus years. 

As Mr. Obama is in office, he has had to flip on several of his campaign promises and reckless claims over Gitmo.  Now, if he’s the man everyone claims him to be, let him release the information on the gains made by the interrogators at Gitmo.

If you don’t agree, do you want these terrorists tried in your town?  If not, then where?

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