Cher Claims She Didn’t Trash Talk Kardashians

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Cher is denying reports by Huffington Post that her recent tweets were meant to bash the Kardashian women. She claims she was talking about bridezillas in general, according to Us. Obviously, she is rooting for her son Chaz Bono to win the Dancing With The Stars coveted Mirrorball Trophy. Chaz and Rob Kardashian are still both in the competition after the most recent eliminations. While many are rooting for the first transgendered dancer, it’s unlikely he’ll survive another week on the show because of his poor scores so far.

Tweets posted Tuesday by the singer say, “I was talking about Bridezillas and NOT the Kardashian girls.” But her posts on Sunday read a little differently, “I don’t watch reality TV! Never saw a Kardashian, but those bitches should be dropkicked down a freeway! Not kidding!” Cher may not have intended to trash talk the family, but unfortunately it’s hard to see how she could have meant the comment to come across as otherwise. Obviously she should have left the K-word out of her tweet!

In a tweet to the Huffington Post, Cher spoke her mind saying, “Guess this is not where you go for the truth! I don’t know why I was expecting real journalism! At some point they all sell out.” What did she expect them to do? Should journalists call up a celeb and question their meaning behind every tweet, or should they take the words at face value? What do you think?

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