Cher Trashes Sonny Bono and Reveals list of Lovers Including Cruise, Beatty, Elvis, Brando, Simmons while Promoting ‘Burlesque’

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Cher admitted to David Letterman that she slept with Tom Cruise, Warren Beatty, Gene Simmons and Eric Clapton. However, Cher “wished” she had made it to last base with Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley! The “Burlesque” star also recently revealed that Sonny Bono was a terrible husband. So, were these trysts before or after the divorce with him?

BelieveAccording to reports, Cher admits the list she provided was just a shortlist of the people she has slept with in her life. Let’s face it, Cher is 64 and at that age,  who knows how many lovers she’s had over the years! One thing is certain, Sonny Bono probably wasn’t the greatest lover in her life.

If Cher revealed that Sonny Bono treated her terribly, one can assume the terrible treatment was felt in the bedroom as well. During their marriage of 11 years, they produce a daughter who is now a son, Chaz, and had their own show. Who knew that Cher was being treated horribly by Bono during those times? With his sloppy grin and easy-on-eyes face, one would think Bono was a sweetheart. However, as Cher puts it, she was treated  “more like a golden goose than a wife.” Harsh!

As for the men who Cher claimed to have slept with, it’s not certain if any of them have come forward to support her claim or dispute it. However, it’s Cher and she’s allowed to say what she wants to. She’s a legend for crying out loud!

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