Cheryl Bernard swimsuit pics – Team Canada curling star posed for Hot calendar pictures?

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It seems the hot search lately on the internet is for Cheryl Bernard Swimsuit pics.  Bernard (pictured at left) is an Olympic athlete star of a sport named Curling that seems to get more popular and talked about as the Olympics roll around.  She’s a member of Team Canada’s Curling squad, and apparently her good looks have many net users searching for hot pics of her in a swimsuit, which may be part of a hot Women of Curling 2009 calendar.  Either way, Bernard is definitely talented in her sport and has Team Canada looking to capture gold.  Just recently Team Canada bounced back from its first loss to China to defeat Sweden 6-2.

According to the Cheryl Bernard bio at, the 44-year-old Bernard is not only a Curling star but also a smart entrepreneur.  Bernard attended and graduated from Mount Royal College in Calgary, earning a business degree.  She started up her own insurance business when she was just 23 years old, and sold it 13 years later so she could spend time with her dad who had a brain tumor in 2001.  Sadly, her father passed away in 2004.  Once again, Bernard has started a new business venture and makes her residence in San Diego with husband Terry Meek.  She also co-wrote a book called “Between the Sheets: Creating Curling Champions”.  Right now, Cheryl Bernard and Team Canada are in the lead for the women’s curling event at the 2010 winter games.

Bernard paid tribute to her father upon her rink qualifying for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and she notes she wishes he could have been there to see her now.  She attributes her success to her parents who both curled when she was a child, which exposed her to the rare sport.  She first attempted it at just 8 years of age, but could barely move the stone across the rink.  Now, she’s all grown up and doing well in Olympic competition with Team Canada, with her Team Bernard qualifying in 2009 making for a major story.  While there are not many Cheryl Bernard swimsuit pictures publicly displayed online nor is it mentioned in the Cheryl Bernard wiki here, they might be found in one of the Women of Curling calendars that many female curlers posed for.  The 2009 calendar was being sold for $34.95 at the Curling news store here but it’s unknown which edition featured Cheryl Bernard photos if any.  You can see Cheryl Bernard curling on Thursday and Friday as the Womens sport wraps up and decides its medalists.

The video below features an interview with Team Bernard.

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