Cheryl Cole Buys Ex-Husband Ashley A Special Present

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Anyone would think it was Cheryl Cole who had cheated…the Girls Aloud singer has bought her ex-husband an expensive present to ‘prove her love’.

Yesterday it was revealed that Cheryl is moving back into the Surrey house that the couple shared while they were married, and today she’s surprised him with a gift designed to show him how much she still loves him.

After deciding he was her soulmate, she has forgiven him for his past infidelities, and even his recent flings with Kayla Collins…she is absolutely determined that their relationship will work this time.

So, what has she got him? A ‘Chain of Love’ necklace, which Now reported to be worth thousands of pounds! She surprised him with the gift before he left for some pre-season training with Chelsea Football Club, and its reported that he hasn’t taken it off since (apart from when he’s on the pitch, of course).

Despite friends and family telling Cheryl to proceed slowly, and not get back with the England football star, it seems she has made up her mind – and since she has had some time out of the limelight after being dropped from the X Factor, it’s reported that she’s eager to become Mrs. Cheryl Cole again (despite never dropping his name) and start a family.

Ashley has become well-known for his womanizing ways, cheating several times during their relationship and several women selling their stories to tabloid newspapers. Let’s hope he’s learnt his lesson, and can keep Cheryl happy now…her fans are certain to be watching!

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