Cheryl Cole Can’t Choose – Ashley Or Soldier?

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On the outside, she seemed together and happy, chatting to the media and planning her fashion collection.

Inside, it appears Cheryl Cole is actually feeling the strain, and friends are said to be worried that she is dangerously close to the edge again.

When she flew back from Afghanistan after visiting troops recently it seemed that she couldn’t be happier, especially after posing for photographs and swapping numbers with a soldier. It was thought the two were planning to meet up when he arrived back on British shores, although now Cheryl seems more torn than ever over ex-husband Ashley.

The star is tormented between leaving the Chelsea star, who seems to have problems with cheating, or staying with him – and what many regard as an obvious decision seems much more complicated for the star.

She has already declared that she feels he is the only man she could ever marry, or have children with, and despite her friends and family wanting her to walk away, and Ashley’s own warning that he cannot stay faithful, Cheryl’s heart is clearly still with him.

It’s not the only thing Cheryl has to worry about, either. It’s rumoured that the Girls Aloud tour which is being planned to coincide with the Olympics next year might be more of a farewell than a reunion. The girls have all branched off into different careers, with varying success, and the cracks have definitely started to show in the five-piece.

A friend spoke to the media recently to admit her worries over the singer, saying; “Cheryl says she’ll never stop loving Ashley. But the longer she takes over her decision to commit, the more unsure she is.”

It sounds like Cheryl could do with some time away from the limelight to make her final decision – although with her shoe collection being released soon, her solo career and Girls Aloud, it might be some time before she can finally get away for a break.

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