Cheryl Cole divorce finalized! Allegations of multiple affairs break up the marriage

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Cheryl Cole’s divorce to her famed football aka soccer husband has been finalized pending a trial period. Cheryl Cole sought a divorce from husband, Ashley Cole, after several women came forward to admit having had affairs with him.

L'Oreal Elnett, now promoted by Cheryl ColeDaily Mail states that Cheryl Cole was upset enough by the allegations to seek a divorce in May. Just a month after divorce proceedings began, Cheryl Cole became infected with malaria after going to Tanzania with her friend and suspected lover Derek Hough from USA’s “Dancing with the Stars. reports that Ashley and Cheryl Cole were married in 2006 but separated in February because a string of women, at least five thus far, claimed to have slept with Ashley during the time he was supposedly committed to Cheryl. Cheryl is one of Britain’s most well known entertainment figures because of her role on the wildly popular U.K. Series “X Factor.”

Now that a judge has given the go ahead for Cheryl Cole’s divorce, she will have to wait six weeks for her marriage to completely dissolve. It’s always a shame when marriages end because of infidelity. Isn’t that why we all pledge to be faithful? So that when something or someone tempts us, we sum up enough dignity and courage to walk away? Isn’t that the way we show our love to the one we love?


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