Cheryl Cole Rocks Low Cut Playsuit—And Reveals She Chased New Love Tre

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Ashley look away now—Cheryl Cole has finally opened up about her new love Tre Holloway, after the couple met each other’s families.

Cheryl appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, and revealed that she had spotted Tre before her tour, and hired him so she could spend more time with him.

“I actually met him two years ago. It was me, it was all me. I had to do a little bit of chasing. I cast a spell. Handsome, isn’t he?”

She certainly seems to enjoy having Tre as a backing dancer, and showed off some sexy moves with her boyfriend at a Newcastle show. Wearing a very low-cut patterned playsuit that showed off her bra, with a heavy chain necklace, she gyrated and danced with Tre, who was wearing a white suit. She gave her Cleopatra-style look a modern update with the addition of chunky gold boots, and corn-rowed the front of hair.

Cheryl seems to be in a much better place now than previously, when friends and family admitted to being worried about the star, and Cheryl herself saying she wanted to be out of the limelight. Since then, she’s introduced Tre to her family and friends, and her Girls Aloud bandmates, as well as starting her new tour.

She also opened up to Alan about ex-husband Ashley Cole. Ashley has been making enough headlines of his own recently, after the FA branded him a liar for his John Terry evidence—and he narrowly avoided a ban after responding to the criticism on Twitter.

When Alan asked if she knew why her ex-husband had cheated on her, Cheryl responded; “I still don’t to this day, no. It was frustrating. I think maybe for him that would have been like admitting he was wrong and justifying me leaving the marriage, whereas if he didn’t say anything he could pretend it wasn’t happening.”

She didn’t seem upset by the mention of Ashley, however, and headed off to Mayfair with Tre once the interview was over. Wearing a striking chalk pink dress with a front slit, and nude shoes, she showed off the classy side of her wardrobe—and sparked plenty of comment on social media sites.

It’s unlikely to detract attention from her recent bitchy comments about Nicole Scherzinger, though. Cheryl revealed her true thoughts on her X-Factor replacement in her book, and showed off some of the feisty attitude that launched her career, most notably resulting in an argument with fellow UK star Lily Allen.

According to Cheryl Cole, Nicole burst into a performance of “Promise This” when the pair first met.

“I swear to God the woman sang the whole song, to my face. It was just so awkward, and every time I stood next to her she started singing it again—Can you imagine how weird that would be?”

Nicole hasn’t responded yet—but perhaps she’s maintaining a dignified silence after impressing fashion critics on the X-Factor.

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