Cheryl Cole Speaks Out After Car Accident, Branding Herself a “One Armed Bandit”

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Singer and Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole has taken to Twitter to reassure fans that she is okay following her car crash.

The 29-year-old was involved in an accident with her manager Will.I.Am in Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The pair were photographed looking dazed in the £100,000 Cadillac, with blood-stained faces.

Slinging eck: Cheryl Cole's PA posted a snap of star complete with her new accessory, a black sling on her arm Twitter page on Friday

Will.I.Am and Cheryl were immediately taken to hospital, where they were given neck braces as a “precautionary measure”, and Cheryl’s arm was put into a sling.

Twitter was soon alight with rumours about the accident, until the stars both posted short messages to let people know that they were okay. And it seems that the accident hasn’t shaken Miss Cole too much, as she was on a flight back to London within hours.

This morning, she posted a picture of herself with a black arm sling and the message: “One arm bandit but trust me her mouth still works?! #nothingthematterwithher”.

Her management team were quick to stress how happy Cheryl is, too, revealing that she’ll continue with the busy promotional tour that she had planned. First she’ll appear on Radio One to promote new single Under The Sun, before recording an interview with Jonathon Ross to air on Saturday night.

The cause of the accident has been much debated. Reports claim that the pair had just left a recording studio, and Will.I.Am was driving them to McDonald’s. Local police confirmed that they had attended a collision at 3:30 am, involving a vehicle colliding with a parked car.

It’s thought that Will.I.Am’s airbag hit him in the face, causing a nose bleed, but Cheryl’s airbag failed to deploy, causing her to hit her head against the dashboard. Both celebrities were treated for whiplash, and shock.

The pair have been close since 2008 when Cheryl performed with Will.I.Am, and she quickly employed him as her manager. They’ve produced three albums together, and Will.I.Am is keen on launching her acting career, too.

While both stars have denied rumours of any romance between them, it’s not just the press who are suspicious. Cheryl’s ex-husband Ashley publicly warned her to choose between them, while they were attempting to fix their fractured marriage.

Just last month, Cheryl revealed she is in a new relationship with dancer Tre Holloway—and Will.I.Am refuted rumours that he’s gay or lonely. But while Will seems to handle the constant rumours about his private life, they upset Cheryl—and she’s revealed she is writing an autobiography to put some of them straight.

While they might attract attention wherever they go, it’s good to see Cheryl and Will.I.Am are both okay!

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