Cheryl Cole: “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”

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Cheryl Cole seems to be back to her old self; it’s being reported today that she has finally plucked up the courage to break off from ex-husband Ashley Cole, and she did it in her own unique way.

The couple have been on-and-off since reports broke of Ashley cheating, but despite divorcing Cheryl has never really been able to let go of her past, and has regularly spoken about Ashley being the man of her dreams. It was thought that the couple would get back together when Cheryl was seen moving things into Ashley’s home again, and sources revealed the pair had been discussing children.

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It seemed the final straw came when Ashley admitted that he wasn’t sure if he wanted children, something which was said to devastate Cheryl, and that she described as being worse than him cheating.

Yesterday Ashley seemed convinced his relationship was over, telling a female friend that she would never take him back and seen partying at the London Playboy club. Cheryl, meanwhile, was having her own fun – sources have claimed that Cheryl has ended the relationship once and for all, by texting Ashley “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”

Reports on why the star has had enough are mixed, with some convinced it is the children issue while others believe Ashley’s speed at sleeping with his new girlfriend – who is thought to have warned Cheryl off ‘her man’ – was the final straw.

Regardless, a friend revealed that while Cheryl will always love her ex-husband, she has realized that the two can’t make love work, and was apparently laughing when she revealed how she had ended it.

Now that Cheryl is done with Chelsea star Ashley, she is thought to be asking her manager and trusted friends to suggest other possible men – after all, she’s got plenty of missed time to catch up on! Who do you think would make Cheryl’s perfect man? Ryan Reynolds seemed a popular choice, but it seems Blake Lively has pipped Chezza to the post there…

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