Cheryl Cole’s New Year’s Resolution Disappoints

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After a semi-hard year, one would expect Cheryl ColeÂ’s New YearÂ’s resolution to have more depth and substance but nope, it doesnÂ’t. 2010 may have brought Cheryl a great career boost but it also saw the end of her marriage to footballer, Ashley. Yeah, Ashley pulled a Tiger and was roaring around town behind the brunette beautyÂ’s back. Quite public and quite embarrassing!

However, Cheryl and AshleyÂ’s quickie divorce must have helped a little. So at the end of this somewhat turbulent year, what could be the singerÂ’s New YearÂ’s resolution? ItÂ’s not to be able to better read men in the future or to become a better entertainer. Nope, itÂ’s all about vanity and comfort.

Speaking about her New Year’s resolution, Cheryl Cole said, “You know when you’ve had a big night and you wake up your pillow is covered in make-up, I’ve fallen asleep in my make-up a few times and I don’t like it. I don’t like how it makes me feel. My new year’s resolution is to make sure I take it off before bed.”

Well, thereÂ’s not much more disappointing or filled with less wisdom than that. Eh, at least it was better than hoping to have perfect makeup when going out on all those big nights. Still, it barely scratches the surface, literally. With any luck, Cheryl ColeÂ’s resolution for 2012 will have more substance.


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