Chesapeake Primary Results are in.

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Many of you are calling this the Potomac Primaries, but I live in central Virginia and I prefer to use the Chesapeake Bay as the shared geographical feature of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. But whatever you call it, the results were interesting.

Here is Virginia, the vote count is somewhere in this ball park:

Obama- 610,000+

Clinton- 340,000+

McCain- 240,000+

Huckabee- 195,000+

So far, it looks like the Maryland and Washington, D.C. vote counts are going to be fairly similar to this pattern. You immediately notice a couple things. Obama nearly doubled the vote count of Clinton. And the Dems combined vote count nearly doubled the vote count of the combined Republican candidates. Virginia has voted Republican in the last several Presidential Elections. So what gives with the poor turnout for Republicans? Nobody exciting to vote for? Or is it that McCain is so far ahead by virtue of the winner take all rules of the Republican primaries that there is no point to bother voting?

It is noteworthy that those rules completely change the realities of the Republican race- it is sort of a ratification process of super tuesday, whereas the Democrat primaries are likely to result in Clinton and Obama entering the convention without a clear edge in delegate count. Obama will probably be ahead- he took the lead today. But he won't have enough to put him over the top.

Question though: if Obama continues to win primaries by large numbers over Clinton, plus bury mcCain in terms of voter turnout, how can the Democratic Convention deny him the nomination, even if he lacks enough delegates?

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