Chex 100 Calorie Cheddar Pack

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I recently discovered a new 100-Calorie Pack: Chex’s Cheddar. I tend to lean toward the cheddar-flavored snacks, so I figured I had to try this one.

According to the package, it’s: “Crunchy, cheesy and satisfying. A great tasting cheddar snack in a perfectly proportioned 100-calorie pack. Delicious!”


So, I am eating it now and have to say, I’m a bit disappointed that it’s ONLY Chex. I thought maybe there would be some pretzels or breadsticks or crackers – like the regular Chex Mix. But alas, there are only corn Chex & wheat Chex. I believe the corn ones are the fatter, cheesier ones, while the wheat ones are the more abundant thinner, less-flavorful ones.

Ultimately, it’s got some good, fake-cheddar flavor going (YUM!), while totally satisfying that “crunch” craving. There is a decent amount in each pouch, but it’s never enough, in my opinion. ;) It’s actually the perfect size for that 2:30/3p.m. snack I always have and it’s fairly low-calorie too. On the new Weight Watchers plan, it’s only 3 PointsPlus…

We’ll see how well it holds me over!

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