‘Chicago Fire’ Season 1 Recap: Hanging On

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This week on Chicago Fire, Casey goes to see Voight at the police station and tells him to stay away from him and Hallie. He also says that he is not afraid of him and asks the whole squad room why they are so afraid of the guy. No one responds. The police later show up at the fire station and try to make a deal with Casey and Boden. They say that nothing can be done with no evidence against Voight. However, Dawson’s brother volunteers to head up an investigation to help.

A call comes in as the team heads out to a shop where a young boy has his hand stuck. Casey and Severide work together to release him to be able to take him to the hospital. After they get back, Dawson gets a written reprimand about that little girl she saved.

Later on, the team heads out to a church where a couple of constructions workers are on the roof barely holding on. Severide cries out in pain after he is forced to hang onto one of guys after his line breaks. After getting him down safely, it is obvious that he needs to do something about the pain in his shoulder. That something is calling up an old girlfriend, who is a pharmaceutical rep, to ask her a favor. She wants something in return for the pain pills she provides for him, like another chance at rekindling their relationship.

Dawson and Peter are starting to bond over their love of cooking. She makes a mean mac and cheese that is her grandmother’s specialty. Dawson is impressed when Peter takes a taste test and figures out what the secret ingredient is. Will this lead to a romance or will Dawson keep pining for Casey?

As Casey is walking down the street, he is attacked by a couple of hooded thugs and is beaten up. At the hospital, Hallie is concerned for his safety. The boys are upset and ready to take matters in their own hands. Boden tells them all that they will do things the right way.

Dawson and Shay are on a call where a guy that is high on drugs tries pushing his way into the ambulance. Dawson ends up using force to kick him out of the way. This incident leaves her with yet another strike against her. The kid is pressing charges and now her career as a paramedic is in serious jeopardy.

Hallie gets scared out of her wits when Voight pulls her over at night to tell her to talk some sense into Casey or things will get uglier. After she calls Casey to tell him about it, he goes off the deep end and sits in wait that night to take matters in his own hands. Luckily, Boden knows what he is up to and stops him from doing anything. He tells Casey to hand over the crowbar and that he will deal with it. Now that Boden has the crowbar and vengeance in his eyes, what will he do next?

Stay tuned for another new episode of Chicago Fire next Wednesday at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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