‘Chicago Fire’ Spits While ‘Nashville’ Sizzles: Fall TV Hits and Misses

So far, new television shows for Fall 2012 have proven impressive. Nashville and a lot of other new shows got off to a great start. However, a few faltered and even more sputtered, like Chicago Fire. Which is which and why? Take a look and see.

666 Park Avenue is holding strong. The ABC show fits seamlessly in with Once Upon A Time and Revenge, two of the network’s juggernauts. This show will, at the very least, get a full season order. It may do better than that and get a second year very quickly.

Arrow put itself on the map with 4.02 million viewers during its début. So far, it’s offered CW’s highest performing première since a little show called Vampire Diaries. That’s why this one’s likely to get a full season before CW decides whether to keep it. The writing is tight, the acting is solid and the story has that popular comic book appeal. What’s not to like?

The numbers aren’t in yet for CW’s Beauty and the Beast. It unfortunately went head to head with the Vice Presidential Debate. Some think that will prove to work in its favor, while others fear it will sound the death knell. Only time will tell.

Chicago Fire did well enough with 6.4 million viewers. Sadly, NBC hoped it would do better. Still, this one may have more life in it than NBC realizes. After all, what’s hotter than men and women trying to rescue people and save their homes? The show’s cast is solid; the writing is reasonable and the look and feel is strong. Hopefully, this one won’t pass away too quickly.

Elementary is still gaining favor. That’s good, given that it started off pretty strong to begin with. The new twist on the Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson relationship is interesting and fun to watch. Lucy Liu manages to hold her own against the show’s unusually strong star. The writing is top-notch and the back story is intriguing. This one’s bound to get a quick renewal.

Matthew Perry’s Go On is popular enough to earn the show a complete season. Whether it goes beyond that is unknown. However, it’s important to never underestimate the power of one of NBC’s Friends. Perry is innately likeable and can sell almost anything with his strange brand of humor. This one’s probably in it way beyond 2013.

Last Resort premiered to good numbers and it keeps going strong. The Lost-like story fits in with the times and strives to rebuild the patriotic base this country has lost in the last several years. Whether it will succeed remains unknown; however, don’t count it out.

CBS has already pulled its freshman show, Made in Jersey. It provided extremely low première numbers and offered little hope of improvement.

Oddly, Fox’s Mindy Project seems to have struck a funny chord with viewers. The network has already given the show a full-year pickup.

The Mob Doctor isn’t showing much staying power. It could be one of Fox’s earliest cancellations. However, here is some support for this ill-fated show so anything is possible.

Nashville roared on to ABC after an extensive marketing campaign. Fans weren’t certain if the show could live up to all of its hype. They needn’t have worried. It can and did. Nine million viewers tuned in to catch a glimpse of the show’s soapy storyline. Anything starring Connie Britton tends to please TV audiences. Then there’s also that crafty little Hayden Panettiere. She makes bad look pretty darn good. The women play well off one another as well as off the rest oft he extremely strong cast. The writing is first-rate and the direction is phenomenal. This show’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Revolution is just that—a revolution. The little show that dares to predict a possible future for humanity is hitting home with some fans. So far, this is NBC’s golden goose so it’s very likely in it for the long haul.

Cowboys are back in Vegas, à la the ever tough Dennis Quaid. But then so are mobsters courtesy of the equally formidable Michael Chiklis. Together, the duo lights up the screen. Add in the strong cast and pitch perfect writing and there’s little not to enjoy about this show.

So far, 2013 has been a great season for new television shows. Here’s hoping the luck continues forward when the second round hits the airwaves this winter.

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