Chicago Tribune Film Critic Michael Phillips Makes Oscar Predictions

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The Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips gave his opinions on the Oscar nominations. Michael Phillips is usually hard to please but overall he seemed happy with Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s nomination choices.

The article gave readers a synopsis of each nominated film and listed the nominees in six major categories including Best Picture, Lead and Supporting Actor and Actress as well as Best Director. And because not everyone agrees with the Academy’s choices Phillips also gave his predictions about who the winners will be and whether or not the Academy made the right choices.

It’s hard to agree with Phillips most of the time because he has very strong negative opinions about most films. But this year, the outspoken and opinionated critic seems to support with the Academy’s choices.

For example, in the Best Supporting Actor category, Phillips predicts that Christopher Plummer will win the award. And Phillips is correct when he states that Plummer should win.

He is a talented veteran actor best known for his role as the patriarch of the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music. Regardless of the size of the role Plummer always gives an excellent performance. And his performance in Beginners
was no exception.

Beginners is a low budget gem of a film in which a man (Ewan McGregor) discovers that his father (Christopher Plummer) is gay. The film is about the evolution of the relationship between the father and son after this revelation. It’s a comic,
emotional and heartfelt film and Plummer’s performance is definitely worthy of both an Oscar nomination and a win.

In the Best Actress category, Phillips predicts that Meryl Streep will emerge victorious. But in the article Phillips also asks raises a valid point when he asks the question,
“Does Michelle Williams, fresh off her Golden Globe win, have a shot with My Week with Marilyn?” Michelle Williams has demonstrated her talent in the past with nominations for her performances in both Brokeback Mountain (2006) and Blue Valentine (2010).

It would be nice to see her win. And after all,veteran actress Meryl Streep, who is considered the frontrunner, has already won twice in this category. And her although her talent is formidable, she has been nominated seventeen times.

And in the Best Director category, Michael Phillips predicts that veteran director Martin Scorsese will win for Hugo. Scorsese, like Streep has been nominated and won in this category multiple times. And Phillips is also correct when he says that Terrance Malick should win for The Tree of Life.

What do you think about the Oscar nominations? Who do you think the winners should be?

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