Chicago Tribune reviews Taylor Swift at AllState Arena August 9, 2011

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Taylor Swift played the first of two shows at Chicago’s AllState Arena last night. The tour to support the singer/songwriter’s third album Speak Now seems to be going well. But the review of last night’s concert by the Chicago Tribune reporter, Joshua Klein was very unkind indeed.

According to the review Taylor Swift played many of her hit songs from Speak Now including “Mine, “Back To December” and “Dear John,” as well as “Love Story” from her previous album Fearless to “the overwhelmingly female teen, tween—and under crowd.”

Here’s a newsflash for Klein, Taylor Swift has fans of all ages not just teens and tweens. But it’s clear from the tone of Tribune‘s review that Klein isn’t one of them. The article about the show is filled with back-handed compliments and subtle digs at the quality of the pop country singer’s performance. Initially fans might agree with Klein’s assessment that “not many 21-year-olds write songs with the simplicity, sensitivity and down to earth sensibility of Swift at her best,” but as the article goes on, the tone gets downright “Mean,” to borrow one of the singer’s song titles.

Klein criticizes everything from Swift’s ability to play guitar to the show’s staging and effects. Many parents who attended the show with their children even wrote in to disagree with Klein’s opinion about the concert. If the fans are happy, and they’re the one who paid for tickets, why does it matter what critics think?

It doesn’t take a genius to get the message what Klein thinks, particularly when his article says things like, “Throughout the night it was hard to tell if Swift had less faith in the ability of her songs to speak for themselves or in the audience to stick with them free from the acrobats and interludes.”

This might be one writer’s opinion but was it really necessary say to readers “Taylor Swift is a grownup superstar, so what’s she doing still playing princess?” Hopefully for her next show, The Chicago Tribune will do Taylor Swift and their readers a favor and send a different critic.

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