Chicago White Sox Trade Rumors: Team Hopes To Make Splash

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Chicago White Sox trade rumors are pretty mysterious, even as it gets suggested that the team is looking to make a splash this offseason. What exactly the White Sox are going to do is an important question, especially because there could be several holes on the roster.

Having signed Jeff Keppinger to play third base for the next few years, the White Sox can start figuring out some other things with the roster. It seems like the most obvious fix needs to come at catcher as the team gets close to losing A.J. Pierzynski to free agency. That is where a trade might come in to play for the team.

Starting pitcher Gavin Floyd and second baseman Gordon Beckham are the two names most often mentioned in White Sox trade discussions. Both players could offer some value to another franchise, but the return packages are likely to be prospects. That doesn’t exactly help the team in the short-term, even if it prepares them for the long-term.

Taken at face value, it doesn’t seem like either Floyd or Beckham getting traded would constitute a “big splash” in the offseason. Maybe the team is planning to seriously pursue one of the big free agents or maybe there is a multiple-team trade in the works. The team has to do something to get back into contention in the American League Central and it’s a safe bet that fans are getting tired of the team simply treading water.

Do you think that the Chicago White Sox trade rumors will develop into anything substantial? What is the most glaring need on the White Sox roster?

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