‘Chicagolicious’ ‘Windy City Blowout’ Recap

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Welcome to AJ’s of Chicago home to the Style Network’s newest reality show, “Chicagolicious.” Just picture “Jerseylicious” in the Windy City, but instead of a hair salon that features big hair, AJ’s of Chicago features glamour, glamour, glamour.

In this episode viewers get to meet the cast members. There’s AJ who owns the salon; Niki the manager; AJ’s best friend Austin who is the newest and youngest member of the staff; Howard who’s the barber and loves flirting with all the female clients; MaCray who’s the extension specialist; Julie, the publicist for the salon; Jennifer who is Julie’s junior associate; and Q who is AJ’s cousin and the salon’s director of marketing and sales.

Then there are the two ladies who will set off all the fireworks in the show; Valincia and Katrell. Both are former models. Katrell is new to the salon and Valincia has worked for AJ for 20 years. But what makes them interesting is that they don’t like each other and are always fighting. Think Olivia and Tracy on “Jerseylicious.”

AJ’s of Chicago was asked to do the hair and makeup for the models at a huge event at the Chicago Coalition Gala for Luxe Life. AJ will be bringing his full staff with him to make sure the models look perfect. He also wants to make a good impression on socialite/blogger Candace Jordan. If he does a good job at this event Candace will tell the world about him and his salon in her blog.

But before the event, manager Niki is upset with the way Howard flirts all the time. She doesn’t want to talk directly to him so she calls a staff meeting and explains that flirting makes the clients uncomfortable. Of course everyone knows she’s talking about Howard including Howard. He tells Niki, “I can’t control my own sexiness.”

AJ wants to make sure everything is perfect for the event. He has his staff show him which clothes they plan to wear so he can approve their outfits. He’s a little concerned about Austin though. When he took her to the event’s coordinators to show them the hairstyle the models will be wearing, to his horror, she was wearing flats and chewing gum. No heels, Austin?

Viewers get to see how the “Chicagolicious” staff gets along with their clients and more importantly fans see how Valincia and Katrell do not get along. They start their day out fighting with each other and their day ends the same way.

The night of the event arrives and AJ has put a huge screen on the balcony in the room where the event is held. This way everyone in the room can look up and see the shadows of the staff working on the models. Unfortunately the guests can also hear Valincia and Katrell arguing with each other.

The two get very loud, throwing their hands around and jerking their necks. Blogger Candace Jordan can see it all too and she is definitely paying attention the the ruckus. Niki kind of comes to the rescue. She tells flirter Howard to go over to Candace and distract her from Valincia and Katrell’s fight.

Off he goes and introduces himself to Candace and is quite the charmer. He successfully turns Candace’s attention away from the balcony blowout and focuses Candace on him.

Eventually AJ and Niki quiets the dueling stylists and succeeds in separating them.

The models look beautiful. To AJ’s wishes the staff made sure the models look like a combination of Audrey Hepburn and Kim Kardashian. Audrey Hepburn and Kim Kardashian? Okay, well their hair does resemble Audrey’s.

The next day Candace’s blog is published. She mentions the argument that AJ’s two staffers had but on the whole she loved the way the model’s hair and makeup came out and tells the world to go to AJ’s of Chicago.

But Candace also mentions the charming Howard and how sweet he is. Who says flirting doesn’t pay off?

If all the other episodes are as good as this first one “Chicagolicious” just might end up becoming the next big program on the Style Network.

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