Chicken Rental Service? Americans Renting Birds to Have Fresh Eggs

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Chickens drinkingA chicken rental service? People rent a couch. Folks rent cars, but in Pennsylvania man says that his family’s chicken-rental business is grabbing attention as people want to rent the hens for a chance to raise fowl and have fresh eggs. Phil and Jenn Thompkins of Freeport said they were giving people who considered raising chickens to get fresh eggs a chance to check whether they were ready to have a few birds around the house. Yep, file this story under weird news because it’s a trend in America that is catching on around the country.

“I think it’s something a lot of people are into,” said Mr. Thompkins about the customers. “We’ve actually had a lot of positive feedback.” While odd, there is no doubt people prefer fresh eggs to eggs found at the grocers.

For $350, clients get two laying hens plus food, a water dish and a chicken coop on wheels they can use from May until November. Customers can assume the rental chickens will lay a minimum of 11 eggs a week.

“It really is a trial period for someone who wants to have chickens,” he added. The test of the idea allows people to see if they can adequately handle the birds and if the daily eggs would be perfect for their lifestyle. Having animals to take care of around the house sometimes doesn’t work for people who are always on the go.

Customers can reserve a couple of birds using the chicken rental process in the spring and by May the birds arrive ready to lay eggs. At the end of the rental, the birds go back to Thompkins’ farm or can be bought outright. As folks love fresh eggs, this rental can really give people a chance to explore a little country life one chicken at a time.

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