Chickenpox Lollipops Illegal, Gross, and Totally Weird

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The Federal Government announced that parents who are purchasing lollipops licked by kids with chickenpox over Facebook are not only gross, but they’re breaking the law.

The recent trend of parents fearing vaccines has not abated, despite the revelation that the link between autism and vaccinations was based on fraudulent research. Some parents who do not want to vaccinate their children but are still concerned about boosting their kid’s immune systems against the virus, are apparently going to Facebook to buy items that are licked, sucked or chewed on by kids who actually contracted the disease.

A Facebook group called “Find a Pox Party in Your Area” has been created by Wendy Werkit of Nashville, TN, where she offers to send a “fresh batch of pox in Nashville shipping of suckers, spit and Q-tips available tomorrow 50 dollars via PayPal.”

Werkit says that kids can’t just contract the disease anymore, gaining an immunity through surviving the sickness, although she does not go into details about the basis of her claim. Clearly she has found a number of children who have in fact contracted the disease in order to send off her lollipops, Q-Tips and various other spit covered items across the country.

According to Federal officials, mailing a virus across state lines, whether via the USPS, FedEx, UPS or any other form of mail delivery, is illegal and carries with it a penalty from less than a year in prison to up to 20 years behind bars. Beyond just the chickenpox virus, officials are even more concerned about diseases such as hepatitis being transmitted unintentionally.

Another flaw in this plan is the fact that chickenpox is transmitted through the air. The possibility of a child contracting the virus through the spit of another child is slim to none. That means that parents who are paying $50 for a licked sucker are actually suckers themselves, spending good money on something that only exposes their child to greater health risks than it protects them from.

Requests have also been made for lollipops licked by those with the measles. Officials are concerned because measles has a high fatality rate, one that led to the original creation of the measles vaccine. That virus is known for killing thousands, wiping out 1/5 the population of Hawai’i during the 1850s and over 40,000 Fijians in 1875, roughly 1/3 of Fiji’s population.

The risk of vaccines has been debated for years, although many doctors argue that the benefits outweigh the risks. However, it is understandable that some parents would be cautious about injecting their children with a disease to prevent contracting that disease. It just seems counterproductive to risk their children to an even greater degree by purchasing contaminated items online to create the same effect. Hopefully this trend will be snuffed out before it can really get going.

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