Chief Keef: Is Rapper Sneaking Drugs Into Rehab?

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Chief Keef is supposed to be in rehab cleaning up his act once and for all. The Chicago rapper won’t be out until February. So, why then, is he sharing anecdotes about women stealing all his weed as if he’s actually got some on him in rehab?

Wait, does he have some? That would mean he was sneaking it in because obviously, you’re not supposed to have drugs of any type when you’re in rehab.

Apparently, the normal rules don’t apply to Chief. That’s not surprising though, is it? He definitely seems like the type to break the rules.

“Dis b–ch wanna smoke All of my weed!” he tweeted on Friday.

So, if she’s smoking all his weed, that means he has some and that means that he is either sneaking it in or lying about the fact that he is rehab. 

What do you think? Is Chief Keef just putting on a front and tweeting things that aren’t true or does he actually have a stash of drugs in rehab?


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