Chief Keef Talks ‘Killing Babies’, Girls Being Pregnant And ‘Irritating’ Glocks

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Chief Keef is one strange MOFO. The Chicago rapper, who is currently in rehab in California, has a way with words that most people don’t understand. Some of his thoughts are easier to decipher than others though.

Chief shared some odd thoughts on his Twitter page on Monday, saying that “Shannon kills babies”. He then replied to that tweet saying “Missed Her Period Again Tho!” 

It kind of sounds as though he is referring to two things: an abortion and a pregnancy. But who is Shannon? Is it Sosa’s girlfriend? 

In non-girl related news, Chief also tweeted about guns and people “pulling up”. Maybe he’s referring to Migos, who said they were in Cali recently.

“Pull up in a Irritating Car, With a irritating glock, Irritating ni–as sending irritating shots!” he tweeted.

What do you think that means? Do you think that he’s talking about Migos? Did something go down while they were in Cali?

One thing is for sure, you never know what Chief Keef will say next!

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