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For my contribution to society I have decided to make Key Chain scarf’s.  I am making these and giving them away as I meet people.  Riding around crocheting is what I do.  When I meet strangers who are carrying keys I offer one to them.  Of course I am looked at like I am a little nutty, but heck if it gets the word out, who cares!

I am offering these to my Gather friends and their friends…  They are pink and blue representing the little girls and boys of the world.  It will hang on your key chain as a reminder that we are the voice of these children who cannot speak out for themselves.  You may keep it or give it away, as you wish.

All I ask is a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) for me to mail it to you.  It is free, I am not asking for anything in return.  Just keep the children in your hearts and minds, please.

I am not sure of the rules here on Gather, so send me a message and I will message you back with my address.  You can’t send it if you don’t have an address!!  I have begun making these, so I should have plenty!

For those who live out of the United States I’m not sure what the postage on a ‘regular’ letter is….  For those in the US, 1 stamp should do!

Below is a photo of one.  I may change up the pattern a bit for my own amusement.  Provided Red Heart still makes the pink and blue yarn, it will stay the same color!  The key ring will not come with it due to mailing processes.  All you do is tie it on your key chain!

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