Child abuse in the Amish community

I started to do some research on child abuse like I do quite often, when I came along an article regarding Amish and child abuse cases. Amish believe not to teach their children as we do for instances sex education and science. One individual reports that they don’t want their children to learn because the more they learn the more apt they are to leave. In 1900 Amish fathers went to prison instead of agreeing to send their kids to public schools. Sexual abuse is quite often ignored in the Amish community not only by the families but as well by the church itself. I ran across an article that really troubled me talking about two girls in an amish community that was being molested. The first was, Mary, she was being molested by her father to have no one believe her. Later her brothers would molest her. The other situation was, Anna, she was as well being molested by her father. She decided to drop hints to individuals outside the community when it was investigated the caseworker left. In return Anna was taken to a dentist to get some teeth pulled. Her mother instructed the dentist to pull all of her teeth and told her “I guess you won’t be talking anymore”. Neither of her parents was ever charged. Amish believe that its not the social workers bussiness, however the social workers must make it their bussiness.

Norman Byler molested his 8 daughters and 1 young lady outside the family. Norman’s youngest daughter tried everything to make sure he wasn’t allowed alone with kids. Four years later Norman molested three of his granddaughters. His family sent him to Mercy Medical Center in Ohio, where he received one week of counseling and given medication. The medication he didn’t take. The father of the grandchildren believed this helped his father in law. After this dried blood was noticed on another one of his granddaughters after she was taken to the barn by Norman. Many of these cases get off with probation or a mistermeder because of the religion. You can read these story’s further here if you like.

Have you ever wondered why when you see an Amish child is so good behaved in public? They take “spare the rod spoil the child” literally. These children are often beat with leather belts, whips, etc. One child for sticking his tongue out at the table received a needle in his tongue. Bishops literally teach them to beat their children to make them become well behaved adults. I found a episode of 20/20 that I seen here while back that talks to individuals that left the Amish community. You may watch it here

Why these individuals didn’t get treated as any other person I don’t understand. I look at this as them acting as a cult and abuse is abuse no matter what your religion is. It is discusting and I don’t know how an individual can sit there and say they serve god and yet beat their child till they bleed, or molest them. Do you feel the Amish should be treated then anyone else because of their religions? Do you feel this is abuse?

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