Child Uses Cocaine in Science Project

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Ten-year-old Emma Bartelt may have had an unusual science project but, despite the that fact that an illegal narcotic was part of her entry, it did not violate the rules of her school’s science fair; in fact, she won. With the help of her father, Douglas Bartelt, a detective with the Miami-Dade Police Narcotics Bureau, the fourth-grader presented a project involving three detector canines and 28 grams of cocaine for the Miami-Dade Elementary Schools Science Fair.

According to Yahoo News, the purpose of Emma’s investigation, which was titled “Drug Sniffing Dogs”, was to see which dog was able to find the cocaine the fastest, “using its sense of smell”.

One has to wonder if Emma or her family knew how much attention the project would garner. Hearing about this will most likely inspire other kids to think outside the box when it comes their science fair entries.

Although the project was Emma’s idea, her mother, Michelle Bartelt, says that the child was under constant supervision. As reported by The Miami Herald, Emma did not touch the drug or work directly with the dogs, which were all handled by her father at a police training facility.

A retired chocolate Labrador named Franky beat the other two dogs, a springer spaniel and a golden retriever, by sniffing out the “coke” in a mere 43 seconds.

Winning first place, “gave Emma an automatic entry into the Miami-Dade Elementary Schools Science Fair,” in which she earned an honorable mention.

It may be challenging for Emma to top “Drug Sniffing Dogs” next year. Although her next project may lack the shock value of this one, she’s obviously very creative and will probably come up with something very interesting.

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